Spring 2013: another new member

22 - 29 June 2013 
The Arts Festival of North Norway has been held in Harstad since 1965. What began as a musical event with a particular focus on the meeting between amateurs and professionals, is today a top shelf international event that presents and produces a vast well of musical genres, as well as performance arts, visual arts, literature and cinematic arts. The Arts Festival also has a strong focus on children and young people, and includes people with different disabilities.



Spring 2013: First new member 

Cutting Edge Flamenco 


The acclaimed Dutch Flamenco Biennial is one of the world’s leading Flamenco Festivals and devotes itself to high class, adventurous and contemporary Flamenco.  The Biennial festival presents the latest flamenco developments with creators who make up the international vanguard of flamenco. It features a colourful palette of all flamenco forms - dance, music, song – and
shows flamenco in fresh, exciting alliances with jazz, contemporary dance and music, and in dialogue with other musical cultures that explore the boundaries of the genre. The Biennial also provides a spectacular and intimate stage for the ancient flamenco song, the cante jondo. Combining tradition with innovation, the festival offers a new and surprising view on flamenco.

The performances are complemented by an extensive programme of activities ranging from lectures by Spanish musicologists, to public master classes and workshops, flamenco movies, expositions and pre- and aftershows with local flamenco artists.
The first Flamenco Biennial in 2006 kicked off a resounding flamenco festival tradition in the Netherlands. Since then, the Netherlands offer, once every two years, an effervescent platform to the flamenco arts in Europe. The fifth anniversary edition will take place in January, 2015.

More info: www.flamencobiennale.nl

more to follow this week... 


Marseille slideshow - it was good to see you all again!! 


JOIN US AT BABEL MED 2013 IN MARSEILLE! from 21st till 23rd March

more info here


KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant 2013

KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant supports international touring of Korean traditional performing arts groups. The grant is presented by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) and co-organized by European Forum of Worldwide Music Festival (EFWMF) since 2010 under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 

The EFWMF‘s member-festivals can apply for this grant to present Korean performing arts groups, and the invited Korean performing arts groups will be supported for one round-trip international airfare and freight. 

With KAMS-EFWMF Tour Grant, KAMS seeks that the high quality of Korean traditional performing arts are internationally acclaimed and build networks with their international counterparts for future collaborations and exchanges.

More info 

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